London Underground Jobs

by admin on September 9, 2011

Welcome To London Underground Jobs. Are you looking for jobs on the London Underground? Whether you’re a candidate looking for the right job in the signalling industry, or a client with vacancies to fill, you’ve come to the right place.

On the one hand, for candidates we can offer you the best advice for the London Underground jobs. On the other, for our clients, we can make a real impact on your resource solutions for finding the best people for your business. London Underground Jobs is different from other websites in this field. London Underground Jobs has a different approach in the way we work with our clients and candidates. Different in the way we work with each other and we care about helping you find the perfect London Underground Job.

To work on the underground you must be strong, committed, totally connected team that pulls out all the stops on a daily basis, we are able to offer a quality service that’s second to none without the special people we get enquiring about a job on the underground. We can we help and advise you in the challenge of achieving a job on the underground. Most companies we work with require drivers to be aged over 21. There are no specific entry requirements, although most employers will expect candidates to have a good general standard of education and be literate and numerate.

You may be required to sit basic tests for the London underground, which measure levels of aptitude and concentration, attention to detail, and memory. Potential drivers must sit written and practical driver assessment tests, possibly on a computer or simulator.

New entrants will be required to pass a medical examination to test fitness levels, eyesight, colour vision and hearing. There is a rigid policy on drug and alcohol abuse. Random alcohol and drug tests can be conducted at any time by the London underground.

Most Train Operating Companies (TOCs) look for experienced train drivers or select suitable people from among their existing guards and station staff for training. Some TOCs have an upper age of 45 for drivers. Health checks become more frequent with age.

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