London Underground Signalling Jobs

Are¬†you looking for a signalling job in the city of London?¬†Welcome to London Underground Jobs we have many jobs within your field. Whether you’re a candidate looking for the right job in the signalling industry, or a client with vacancies to fill, you’ve come to the right place.

On the one hand, for candidates we can offer you the best in London Underground signalling jobs.

On the other, for our clients, we can make a real impact on your resource solutions. The types of jobs we recruit for are the following:

  • Signalling Designer
  • Signalling Principle Designer
  • Signalling Installer
  • Signalling Team Leader
  • Installation Manager
  • Point Fitter
  • Locking Fitter (Mechanical or Electrical)
  • Test Assistant
  • Signalling Verification Tester
  • Signalling Functional Tester
  • Signalling Principle Tester
  • Tester in Charge
  • Project Engineer
  • Signalling Maintainer
  • Signalling Fault Finder
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Maintenance Tester

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