London Underground Train Driver Jobs

Are you looking for a train driver job in the city of London? Train drivers operate diesel or electric trains. There are strict rules on safety for both passenger and freight trains. The safety of rail passengers is critical and there is a strict policy on drug and alcohol abuse. Random tests may be conducted at any time.

Extreme weather can make it difficult to negotiate the track, therefore it is important that the driver is familiar with the route and can anticipate the changes required.On some trains it is necessary to make announcements to passengers and open and close the doors by remote control.

Hours and Environment:

Train drivers normally work a 37-hours. This could involve shiftwork including weekends, evenings and nights. Some long distance crews may stay overnight at the end of a run.The driver usually works alone in the cab for the duration of the journey, except when accompanied by a trainee driver or if a driver leader is on board for an inspection ride.

Uniforms are supplied by the train company.

Skills and Interests:

To be a train driver, you should:

•be able to cope with working alone for long periods
•have a good memory for details of routes and procedures
•be able to concentrate and spot changes in the track ahead
•be able to react quickly, calmly and correctly
•be able to accept responsibility and work without supervision
•be physically fit
•have good eyesight, with or without glasses

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